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2015 VBEA Great Ideas Flyer
 "Ready, Set, Action . . . Spotlight on STEM:
Project Based Learning Lesson Plan Incorporating STEM in your Classroom"

VBEA Great Ideas Lesson Plan Template
2015 Lesson Plan Winners

1  “Using Technology as Part of STEM
To Create a Business Car or ID Badge in Computer Design"
Anne Baker
Wise County Career-Technical Center
PO Box 1218, Wise, VA  24293

Lesson Planner

2  “Spotlight on Stem Summer Academy--
Creating Advertising Materials for a Middle School Stem Program”

Karen Carrier
Eastern Montgomery High School
- Montgomery County Public Schools
4695 Crozier Road, Elliston, VA 24087

Lesson Planner    
Grading Rubric – Teacher   
|   Grading Rubric - Peer

3  “Exploring the Textbook (BUSINESS MANAGEMENT)
 13 Edition”

Vanessa F. Glover
CTE Business Teacher Osbourn High School
9005 Tudor Lane, Manassas, VA 20110

 Lesson Planner    
4  “Middle School Students--School Scavenger Hunt/Higher Education Activity
Ready, Set, Prepare for College”

Natalie Walden , Shirley C. Heim Middle School
320 Telegraph Road, Stafford, Virginia 22554
Stafford County Public Schools
Phone:  540.658.5910  -  Fax:  540.658.0329
School Scavenger Hunt Worksheet    
 Who R U? Rubric 1   |   Who R U Career Brochure Rubric 2

5  “Middle School Students:  Keep Calm and Tech On!”

Natalie Walden, Shirley C. Heim Middle School
320 Telegraph Road, Stafford, Virginia 22554
Stafford County Public Schools
Phone:  540.658.5910  -  Fax:  540.658.0329

Lesson Planner
2014 Lesson Plan Winners
1 "Daily Journalizing--Workplace Readiness Skills" 
Robin Albrecht, Osbourn High School, 9005 Tudor Lane
Manassas, VA 20110 - Phone:  571.377.7000; Fax:  703-257-8515
 Lesson Planner
Samples:  November  |  December  |  January  |  February

2 "GET A JOB--Engineering a Blueprint for the Future"
Jahneakia S. Brower, George Wythe High School
4314 Crutchfield St, Richmond, VA 23225 - 804.780.5037 

Lesson Planner
Career-Services Resume Guide Cleaning Your Image Information
Cleaning Your Image 2
3 "Getting #WorkReady--Compiling a Digital Portfolio"
Kimberly R. Grant, Warwick High School
51 Copeland Ln, Newport News, VA 23601 - 757.591.4700   
Lesson Planner
2013 Lesson Plan Winners
1 "Time for Apps" 
Betsy Waskey, William Byrd High School
2902 Washington Ave.
Vinton, VA 24179 - 540.890.3090
Lesson Planner
2 "Cloud on App on the IPAD"
Jessica Morrison, Thomas Walker High School
 126 Blue Gray Road, P. O. Box 39 
Ewing, VA 24248 -  276.445.4111
Lesson Planner   |   Powerpoint Rubric
3 "Speed into Your Future with the Google Drive App" 
Karen Carrier,
Eastern Montgomery High School, Montgomery County
Public Schools, 4695 Crozier Rd. 
Elliston, Virginia 24087 -  540.268.3010
Lesson Planner  | Career Portfolio Checklist
2012 Lesson Plan Winners
1 "Prezi Pathways" -  Connecting Career Pathways in Business and IT
Karen Carrier, Eastern Montgomery High School, Montgomery County Public Schools, 4695 Crozier Rd.,
 Elliston, VA 24087 - 540.268.3010 
Cover Page    |    Lesson Planner
Prezi Template
2 "Workplace Readiness Skills" (WRS)
Yvonne Mullins, Midlothian High School
401 Charter Colony Parkway
Midlothian, VA  23114 
-  804.378.2440
 Lesson Planner   |   WRS Instructions
Concert Tour Excel Spreadsheet   |   WRS Payroll
3 "Life After High School:  5 Avenues" 
Jennifer Lanz and Deborah Marshall,  Granby High School
 7101 Granby Street Place, Norfolk, VA 23505
 Lesson Planner
2011 Lesson Plan Winners
1 "Make a Magical Future with Virginia Wizard"
Karen Carrier, Eastern Montgomery High School, Montgomery County Public Schools, 4695 Crozier Rd.,
 Elliston, VA 24087 - 540.268.3010 
Cover Page    |    Lesson Planner
Virginia Wizard Career Assessment - Form KC  |   Virginia Wizard Career Assessment - Print KC
Virginia Wizard Prep for College - Form KC   |   Virginia Wizard Prep for College - Print KC 

2 "Choosing a Career for the 21st Century"
Judy Musick, Waynesboro High School, 1200 W. Main St.,
 Waynesboro, VA 22980 - 540.946.4616

Cover Page  |  Lesson Planner   |   Resume Presentation
3 "Budgeting for Life after High School"
Betsy Waskey, Roanoke County Public Schools, William Byrd High School, 2902 Washington Ave.,
 Vinton, VA 24179 - 540.890.3090
Cover Page and Lesson Planner
2010 Lesson Plan Winners
1  "Creating an Informational Survey & Presenting Results"
Lilley, Wilson Memorial High School, 189 Hornet Road, Fishersville, VA 22939 - 540.886.4286
Cover Page |   Create a Questionnaire   |   Questionnaire Demonstration   |   Survey Implementation
2  "Fortune 500 - Do You Know Who Offers the Best?"
Leigh Anne Parks, King’s Fork High School, 351 King’s Fork Road, Suffolk, VA  23434  
Cover Page   |     Lesson Planner |   WebQuest
3 "Coloring for our Community"
Janet Kreider, First Colonial High School, 1124 Belvoir Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 - 757.696.0449  
Cover Page  |   Lesson planner   |   Module   |   Preschool Academy  |   Preschool Note
4  "Developing an Electronic Portfolio"
Dana Dingell, James Madison High School, 2500 James Madison Drive, Vienna, VA  22181 - 703.319.2407  
Lesson Planner   |   Electronic Portfolio Development Packet |   Electronic Portfolio Rubric
5  "Credit, Credit, and More Credit?"
Betsy Waskey, William Byrd High School, 2902 Washington Ave., Vinton, VA 24179 - 540.890.3090  
Cover Page  |   Lesson Planner
2009 Lesson Plan Winners
1  Electronic Career Portfolios – "Making your online debut in the 21st century!"
Karen Carrier
, East Montgomery High School, 4695 Crosier Road, Elliston, VA 24087-3909 - (540) 268-3010
Lesson Planner  |   Peer Review   |   Online Portfolio Checklist   |   Rubric
2  Cooperative Learning - "Making a Team Decision"
Toinette Outland, Booker T. Washington High School, 1111 Park Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23504 - 757.628.3575 ext. 130 office
Cover Page  |  Lesson Planner  |  Powerpoint Presentation - Lesson Plan Deliverables
2008 Lesson Plan Winner
1  "You're the Author!  Writing a Children's Book"
Zanette L. McMillan, York High School, 9300 George Washington Hwy., Yorktown, VA 23692 - 757.898.0354
Cover Page   |   Project Description Handout   |  Lesson Planner
2  "Students Get Connected"
Robin Albrecht,
Osbourn High School, 9005 Tudor Lane, Manassas, VA 20110 - 571.377.7000
  |   Lesson Planner   |
3  "Collaboration Cookbook"
Jenn Pyles, Oakton High School, 2900 Sutton Road, Vienna, VA 22181 - 703.625.6212 - Jennifer.Pyles@fcps.edu
Mary Lewis, Centerville High School, 6001 Union Mill Road, Clifton, VA 20124 - 703.915.1566 - Mary.Lewis@fcps.edu
 |   Cover Page   |   Content Standards/Competencies   |   SOL Correlation   |
4  Internet Safety and the Teenager:  "A Collaborative Effort between the ITRT,
Media Specialists, and Freshmen Success Teachers"
Deborah K. Marshall,
Granby High School 803 Grand Bay Cove, 7101 Granby Street, Norfolk, Virginia 23505,
 Phone: (757) 451-4110 Ext: 1565
  |   Cover Page and Lesson Planner  |   
5  "Visual Arts as a Catalyst for Writing"
Jureen Benjamin, Business Teacher and Mary Kenly, Reading Specialist
 Kenmore Middle School, Arlington County Public Schools, 200 South Carlin Springs Road, Arlington, VA 22204
|   Cover Page and Lesson Plan  |  
2007 Lesson Plan Winner

Financial Literacy Unit
You and Your Money – Securing A Financial Future

Complete Lesson Planner
 (Content Standards/Competencies, Related SOLs, Desired Results, Student Assessment, Learning Activities/Assessment, Accommodations, Related Technology, Required or Supplemental Materials and Resources, Research/Best Practices/Strategy, Wrap-Up, Other Resources Needed/Comments)

2006 Lesson Plan Winners
Autobiography/Biography Project - Topic:  Leadership
Lesson Planner   |   Directions   |   Leadership Work Sheet   |   Book Talk Work Sheet   |   Grading Sheet
2  Quilting a Poetry of Dreams:  Service Project
Lesson Planner           Lesson Plan Overview
3  Getting the Know the First Amendment
Lesson Planner 
4  Professional Reading Assignment
Lesson Planner     |     Professional Reading Assignment     |     Rubric
Article Review Guidelines     |     Professional Readings Log
5  Oh! The Places You Can Go!
Lesson Planner     |     Web Quest
2005 Lesson Plan Winners
1  Election Advertisement Project
2  Integrating Business Classroom Curriculum with Politics
2004 Lesson Plan Winners
Access and Excel Certification Assignments
Part 1   -   Part 2   -   Part 3

Mini Mag (Team Project)  - Desktop/Multimedia

ORACLE Survivor - The OHS Way !

4  "A Bit of Certification"

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